About Me

I graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A (Honours) in International Relations & Criminology in November 2019. I also completed an Art Fundamentals certificate at Sheridan College in August 2020.

While at school I focused on understanding the impact of social media on global affairs and on learning as much as I could about the relationship between Big Tech and the media, advertising and marketing industries. I also strengthened my written, oral and visual communication skills during that time.

I have also completed LinkedIn Learning certificates in Content Marketing and Digital Media.

Currently, I work as a writer who can create content for all kinds of markets, although I am particularly interested in art, history and international relations. I specialize in social media marketing by focusing on making optimal use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The services I provide are listed below. Prices can be discussed upon request.

Content Writing & Editing

I write content about art, design, current affairs, travel and food. I have significant editorial experience and can serve as a Content Editor for an interested party.

Copy Writing

I write copy for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Research & Strategy

I have a background in Compliance Analysis and provide qualitative research services for those seeking information related to International Relations & Criminology.

Let’s build something together.