The 3 most important benefits of choosing a co-working space.

Creatives across the world freelance and often choose to save money by working from home. In today’s atmosphere of constant engagement this can be a counterproductive move which could completely derail one’s productivity.

Co-working spaces offer them a solution to this by providing many benefits that home offices lack. Here are three of the best ones:

Interacting with other people :

The biggest downside to working from home is that you don’t interact with any other human beings. Using a co-working space ensures that creatives – whether they are freelancing or not – interact with other people. These people may work in a variety of professions, such as finance, which also reduces the chances of becoming trapped in a creative echo chamber.

I can personally attest the fact that individual productivity increases after interacting with other people. Creatives can benefit from this more than others, because sometimes a quick, informal chat during a break is the perfect solution to writer’s bloc.

The professional environment:

Hear me out on this one.

Having a routine is very important for professional success and actually going to work is part of that. Having a home office completely eliminates this possibility while increasing the chances of a Netflix/ Apple TV/ Amazon Prime/ Any-Other-Streaming-Service binge significantly.

When you share a space with others you also automatically become more conscious of how you dress and speak. This can be a positive thing if it motivates you to get (well) dressed in the morning and head to your shared space. At the very least, the chances of you spending the day in your sweatpants and/ or emitting body-odor reduce considerably.

Reduced stress and a higher coffee budget:

Its clear that having a routine hugely boosts your productivity. When you invest in a co-working space or shared studio, your time is structured better because you have somewhere specific to go. This completely eliminates the need to hunt for the almost always full coffee shops across the city, particularly on weekends. You are likely to annoy your barista if you spend hours at a coffee shop, having ordered just one drink.

You do save a significant amount on coffee because most co-working spaces offer a nearly unlimited supply of coffee. They are highly likely to have an espresso machine, water and a refrigerator which means that you can bring food from home. Believe me, its very helpful when every barista in town does not hate you.

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

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