The return of the Pen

Forgive the subtle Lord of the Rings reference, but as an serious Tolkien fan I can’t help myself. I haven’t updated this blog in a long time and that is because the I have been on-board the speeding train that is called The College Express.

About to begin my final year of university I have decided to write a series detailing my experiences at university so far over the course of the coming academic year. I hope that any student, regardless of whether they attend the University of Toronto, can benefit from this series.

I will of course continue to write for The Varsity, which is the University of Toronto’s largest student newspaper, and try to contribute to other publications in Canada and other parts of the world. As always, I will share those articles on this platform and am eager to read helpful comments.

In the the Era of the Troll I sincerely request any reader of this blog from using abusive unproductive language in the comments section.

Watch this space for more!